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Home Cinema

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most elegant, high performance Cinemas for your home whether that be a dedicated Cinema space or a multi use environment were discrete installation is essential. With our background steeped in professional audio engineering, we firmly believe that the room is as important as the equipment we specify install and calibrate.

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Home Cinema


We manage all aspects of your home cinema installation, from design and any initial construction works through to wiring, equipment sourcing and calibration, carpeting and decorating. 

With a wealth of experience in residential technology, we can advise on the very best solution to not only meet your budget but to make the absolute most of your  cinema ware enabling both acoustic room modelling and speaker placement.

From affordable living space Home Cinemas to dedicated Home Theatre with cinema seating, and from flat screen Televisions to large screen Projection systems, we provide the full range of options.

Home Cinema Installation


Carpeting and Decorations


Equipement Sourcing


Initial Equipement Construction Work

Home Cinema


Designing home cinema is one of our biggest passions. By visiting our wonderful clients’ homes, we are able to take all the necessary measurements to create accurate CAD drawings of their cinema room.

We can then start to experiment with layouts until we find the perfect solution for viewing experience, practicality and comfort.


Home Cinema


With the latest technology, you can be sure of your cinema being future proof and our trained staff will ensure the system is discreet.

  • Hidden electronics – no need to look at unattractive boxes.
  • Hidden cables – no need for a tangle of cable spaghetti on view.
  • Hidden speakers – with no compromise on sound quality.
  • Even projectors and screens can be hidden when not in use.